Happy mornings made simple

Getting the kids ready and out the door for school on time was always a struggle for our family. I love that our kids have big personalities and strong ideas, but oh my goodness did that make mornings difficult!

Picking out clothes and keeping a cheerful attitude were our biggest challenges. That is until we made two tiny changes to our routine. Happy mornings are now the norm and we are out the door on time with smiles on our faces. Halleluja!

Even though Bunny and Wild Man wear uniforms to school, picking out clothes was a battle each morning. While I found lots of great ideas on the internet, I couldn’t find just the right combination of organization and speed. Then it hit me!

Happy mornings are easy on vacation because we pack in outfits. Why aren’t we doing that every day?

There are a lot of great ideas on Pinterest that use hanging sweater organizers and rolling bins to sort kid clothes in outfits, but we live in a bungalow and space is at a premium.

The great part of our solution is that it works with the drawer space we already have and it doesn’t require buying a thing.

The first step to total clothing organization was to take all the clothes out of the drawers and sort them into categories. Once that was done, putting them back in was a cinch!

The top drawer of each dresser is now loaded with socks, underwear, and pajamas. The second drawer houses all school clothes – the daily bundles and extra tops and bottoms. The bottom drawer holds all weekend clothes.

The key to our happy mornings is the daily bundle. Make one bundle of clothes for each school day, according to what uniform is worn that day. Wild Man has two spirit days each week, so we make three regular uniform bundles and two spirit bundles every week. Each bundle contains a top, bottom, underwear and socks, all folded up.

Happy Mornings Made Simple with Outrageously Wonderful

The bundles are then stacked in order in the drawer. Monday through Wednesday bundles are at the front of the drawer and Thursday and Friday bundles hang out in the back. Bunny’s clothes are organized the same way.

Happy Mornings Made Simple with Outrageously Wonderful

Each night, the kids take out the next day’s bundle, place it on top of their shoes and set the whole pack on top of the dresser. This simple nightly ritual makes such a difference in creating happy mornings.

Getting the kids’ clothes organized made a huge difference, but there was still something missing to make our mornings happy and fun.

Then one morning I put on some music and oh, what a difference! Every time we start our day with music, our kiddos practically leap out of bed and get ready so they can have dance parties. We have tried a number of stations on Pandora, but find anything that centers around ABBA to be a big winner in our house.

I don’t know why the simple act of putting on a little music makes mornings so much happier, but I’ll take it. There’s nothing cuter than watching your kids dance their clothes on!

Happy mornings made simple with Outrageously Wonderful

Looking for more ideas for happy mornings?

Check out my Pinterest board, Happy mornings made simple. While you are there, check out the other boards I’ve created to help make your busy life and mine just a bit easier.

Do you have a special tip or trick that makes your morning a little happier? Share it in the comments below, I’d love to hear what works for you.

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  1. I don’t have kids, but I would follow your advice if I did. Simple and effective ways to make life so much more pleasant. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Wow, I love getting ready with music but the bundle-idea, such a nice idea, and it will save sooooo much time! WHAT AN IDEA! 🙂

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