Huge bags of individually packaged candy can be found practically around every corner in October, but finding fun candy alternatives for Halloween has been tricky in the past. I was delighted to see that our local Target has a huge variety of Halloween party favors this year that would be perfect for class parties or trick or treating.

Whether you are seeking candy alternatives for Halloween because of a food allergy, health reasons or simply personal preference, there are tons of great options out there.

20 fun candy alternatives for Halloween with Outrageously WonderfulFun candy alternatives for Halloween:
  1. Mini rubber ducks
  2. Spider rings
  3. Halloween themed erasers
  4. Mini bubbles
  5. Plastic fangs
  6. Mini ball mazes
  7. Necklaces
  8. Stamps
  9. Stickers
  10. Pencils
  11. Mini notepads
  12. Rubber bracelets
  13. Temporary tattoos
  14. Mini spring toys
  15. Bouncy balls
  16. Glow sticks
  17. Pop-up toys
  18. Finger lights
  19. Mini play doh containers
  20. Fake fingers
Class party recommendations

As a new parent, I struggled with finding good options for class party treats for toddler parties. We’ve tried a few things over the years and stickers, play doh, rubber ducks, rubber bracelets, pop-up toys and mini springs have all been giant hits with that age group. Our preschoolers loved bouncy balls, stamps, bubbles and necklaces.

Pencils, erasers, mini-notebooks, mazes, finger lights, spider rings, fangs and fake fingers are always a huge hit with elementary-aged kiddos. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t like to get glow sticks or temporary tattoos.

What are some of your favorite fun candy alternatives for Halloween? Comment below and share what you love to give and receive.

20 fun candy alternatives for Halloween with Outrageously Wonderful