10 best apps for busy women

I think we can all agree that technology can be wonderful and sometimes overwhelming. Thankfully, as our lives have gotten busier, technology has gotten better and there are now thousands of apps out there that help manage, track and enhance our activities. We’ve picked 10 of the best apps for busy women to help narrow the field. Take a look at the list below to find our favorite technology solutions for today’s modern life. We bet you’ll find at least one you love.

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10 best apps for busy women:


Getting from one place to another as quickly as possible can be a struggle – no matter where you live. Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation map. Drivers can share traffic, accident and road condition information via the map in real time and the app uses that data to update your drive to the fastest route. In addition to shaving time off your commute every day, Waze lets you send friends and family a text message to let them know when you will arrive and a map so they can track you as you drive. Waze works on Android and iOS devices.


More than just a password manager, Dashlane is an encrypted digital wallet that stores your payment types and online account information in one easy to use and universally accepted location. Dashlane allows you to access your credit, debit, PayPal or bank account information quickly and easily without storing your payment information on an online retailer’s site. You can also store your itemized receipts in the app, making budgeting simple. The autofill feature saves time and ensures that your packages go to your doorstep and not your neighbor’s. Dashlane works on your phone, tablet and computer and syncs across your devices.


Feedly helps you access, organize, share and curate all your favorite online content in one easy to read location.  Adding sites is simple and the app even lets you mark sites as “must read” which ensures those posts are the first thing you see. The grouping feature allows you to categorize your sources, making organization a breeze. You can also control the way the sites appear in your feed, setting them up to show only the headline, the headline and image, or the headline and first few lines of copy. Feedly works on your phone, tablet and computer and syncs across your devices.

Google Keep

Google Keep helps you store important notes, lists, photos  and audio in one location. With Keep, you can create perpetual shopping lists; marking items as purchased with a tap and adding them back to the list just as easily. (Perfect for the grocery store!) You can even set location-based reminders to pull up the specific shopping list you need when you walk into a store. Sharing lists with friends and family makes vacation, party or meeting planning a breeze. You can also track your purchases by simply taking a photo of the receipt and saving it to the appropriate folder. Keep works on your phone, tablet and computer and syncs across your devices.

Podcast Republic

It’s no secret that we love podcasts here at Outrageously Wonderful. Podcast Republic lets you find and subscribe to practically any podcast available. You can automatically download new episodes for your subscribed podcasts, create playlists to organize your downloads and synchronize between devices. The app has widgets that let you access your podcasts from your home or lock screen, literally putting your favorite podcasts at your fingertips. The best thing about this app is that it is easy to use and works every time. Podcast Republic works on Android devices.


Do you ever wish you had an editor or proofreader for your emails, social media posts or work documents? With Grammarly, that’s exactly what you have. This app checks for more than 250 types of spelling, grammar and punctuation errors automatically while you type. Correcting mistakes takes just one click. Grammarly’s browser extension for Chrome and Safari make sure you sound like the professional you are, wherever you are typing. Since Grammarly explains the reason behind every suggested correction, you become a better writer the longer you use it. This is an awesome tool for everyday life, but students will especially find it useful. Grammarly works on Microsoft Office, Windows and Chrome.

Facebook Groups

As Facebook evolves, we find that we are spending more time in Facebook groups and less time on our news feed. The Facebook Groups app lets you go directly to the groups you want to participate in without navigating friends’ posts, advertising and political rants. This not only saves time, it increases engagement and enjoyment. The interface is elegant and practical – each of your groups is shown as a circle on the home page and the number of unread posts is layered on top. It’s also simple to find new groups in the app, making connecting with like-minded internet friends easier than ever. Facebook Groups works on Android and iOS devices.

Period Tracker

I don’t know about you, but when my health care provider asks me the date of my last menstrual cycle, my mind goes blank. Instead of blinking at them like a deer in the headlights, I now pull up Period Tracker and give them the information they need. Keeping track of your period is an important part of monitoring your overall health as changes in your cycle can indicate bigger issues. Period Tracker calculates the average length of your cycle and helps you keep track of symptoms and estimated ovulation and fertility dates. The app lets you set customizable reminders to ensure you are using your birth control as prescribed. This simple app helps you focus on your life, not your cycles. Period Tracker works on Android, iOS and Windows devices.

My Fitness Pal

Focusing on your health and wellness can be a struggle, but My Fitness Pal takes the pain out of tracking your hydration, nutrition and activity. The app syncs with a huge variety of wearable fitness devices, wifi scales and GPS fitness apps, creating one main hub of wellness information. Don’t have at fitness tracker? No problem – simply search the exercise database to find and log your activity. While the app was created to help people lose weight, it’s a fantastic resource to maintain and monitor your overall health. The food database is extensive and the meal plans offer options for nearly every type of eating plan. You can even connect with others for support and encouragement. My Fitness Pal works on your phone, tablet and computer and syncs across your devices.


While I love my Kindle Paperwhite, I mainly use it for reading in bed and don’t  keep it with me all the time. But with the Kindle app on my phone, I have access to all my books all the time. I find that I can get a lot of reading done by pulling up the Kindle app when waiting in line, on an elevator or simply sitting at a doctor’s appointment. This app helps me make the best use of my time and sneak in one of my favorite activities throughout the day. The Kindle app works on Android, iOS, Windows and other devices.

We hope that you have fallen in love with at least one of the 10 best apps for busy women. What apps or type of apps did we miss? What are your favorite apps? Comment below; we’d love to hear what you think are the best apps for busy women!

10 best apps for busy women


  1. I have been using a few of these for years and vouch for them as well.

  2. I have never heard of this Google Keep. This sounds pretty awesome. I am going to have to find it in my app store. Usually my phone automatically downloads google apps when my system updates. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. I love Waze, it’s so helpful since downtown Toronto is notorious for impossible traffic! My Fitness Pal is also one of my faves!

  4. Great list! Haven’t tried Google Keep yet. Will have to check it out.

  5. Lol i have most of those apps!

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