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Sunday Share: Books we love, kindergarten edition

Happy Sunday, dear friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week ahead! In the past few weeks, Wild Man’s reading has improved by leaps and bounds. He’s even reading bedtime stories these days. This voracious reader Mama is loving it. This week we are sharing five books we love, the kindergarten edition. These books are beautifully written and illustrated and make kids and adults happy.

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Sunday Share

Happy Sunday, dear friends!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and are ready for the week ahead! I found everything in this week’s Sunday Share on Facebook and used the “Save for later” feature to read when I was ready. I’m LOVING this new (at least to me) feature! This week we are talking about worship music, cyber-security, parenting, stroller hacks and an awesome craft project. I’m also sharing what I’m most thankful for this week. (Hint: this post’s picture says it all)

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Oh deer…

Hi there, friends. I had plans for a helpful post today, one about how it seems nearly impossible that our people need to eat three times a day and how insane that is. But then life happened.

Specifically, my Dad was driving along on his motorcycle and a deer ran out from a field and hit him. In broad daylight. Apparently the deer didn’t get the memo that deer have the twilight hours and we get the daytime? Come on deer. That’s just not cool.

Thankfully, Dad is going to be just fine. The deer… well let’s just say it’s in deer heaven. We don’t even know if it was a doe or a buck (and I totally asked my mom if it was a boe or a duck… it’s been a wild few days). Dad doesn’t remember and we haven’t asked the friend who was riding with him.

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Lasagna in joy and sorrow

Let me put this out there – I’m not a great cook. It’s not that I’m a horrible cook, my food is edible and even tasty, I’m just not very inventive. I tend to rotate through a set of 10 or so dinners for my family. Thankfully, they don’t seem to mind.

It’s strange though, in times of joy or sorrow, my inclination is to feed people. Specifically, I want to make them lasagna. Occasionally I’ll make a roast, but it never feels right.

Lasagna is apparently how I say I love you.

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